Let the children come to Me
Worshipping God at Home
Children who grow up in families who worship God together at home have distinct spiritual advantages. They are likely to have stronger religious values and other desirable attitudes and behaviors, and they are less likely to smoke or use drugs. They tend to have more positive feelings about their church and their religious faith than teenagers who have not had the advantage of regular, quality family worship time (Valuegenesis studies and others).
Do you want your children to have these advantages? Worship God together at home. "When?" you ask. "We’re too busy already." Are you too busy for God to bless your family? Of course not!
Connect with God in short segments that fit easily into your family’s day. Keep each segment short, simple, sweet, and spiritual.
Begin at breakfast.
Before eating, read a Bible verse for the day. Use a Bible version your children can understand. Say the verse together. Talk about the verse while you eat. Ask the kids what they think it means. How will it help each person today? (Idea: Focus on a Bible verse from a family member’s Bible Study Guide, Pathfinder or Adventurer requirements, or a Bible promise that fits a family need.)
When you are finished eating, join hands, sing a short family theme song, and pray in specific ways for God’s blessings on each person’s day. Never send your family out into the world without this prayer blessing. Total time: 5 minutes.
Continue at the evening meal.
During the evening meal share God’s blessings during the day: An answered prayer, a letter or an e-mail received, a "snow day", how God blessed someone you know, God’s help with an exam or a relationship, something nice someone did for you or for someone else.
Children are especially attracted to a joyous religion. Share your God-given joys from the day. (By the way, did you know what eating together also gives your children powerful advantages?) Total time: No extra time. Talk while eating.
Finish with God’s Word and evening prayers.
Read the Sabbath school Bible story for the week from God’s Word using a child-friendly version. Another day, read it from the Bible Study Guide, act it out, make a drawing, share ideas about the story, or do one of the activities from the Bible Study Guide. Do something different each day. Sing a religious song your kids enjoy. Join hands and pray a short prayer for your family. Finish with a family hug! Total time: No more than 10-12 minutes. Leave the kids wanting more.
You’ve included all aspects of worship in your family’s day: Praising God, learning from His Word, and connecting with Him in prayer. You’ll be amazed at the blessings God has promised to shower on your family when you worship Him together every day.
"Your Word is like a lamp for my feet
and a light for my way."
Psalm 119:105, ICB
Donna J. Habenicht
Children’s Ministry Resource Center