Graham SDA Sermons

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2018-03-10 Love God and Hate Sin Brett Allen Play
2018-02-24 The Ten Virgins Chuck Madsen Play
2018-02-10 God's Love David Wienecke Play
2018-02-03 Taking God's Name Seriously Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-12-02 Living Beyond Greed Bob Stephan Play
2017-11-11 Rejoicing & Praise in Our Walk David Wienecke Play
2017-11-04 Balcony People Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-10-28 The Power of One Brenda Smith Play
2017-10-27 No One Stands Alone Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-09-30 Worship & Holiness Part II Dave Wienecke Play
2017-09-30 Worship & Holiness Part I David Wienecke Play
2017-09-30 Does God Still Heal Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-09-09 Open Doors Pt. 1 Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-09-09 They Said Yes Jay Abell Play
2017-07-08 Father Forgive Me and Forgive Them David Wienecke Play
2017-07-01 A.K.A. Redeemer Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-06-10 Overwhelmed Brett Allen Play
2017-06-03 The Stream of Compassion Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-05-27 The Judas in All of Us Chuck Madsen Play
2017-05-20 People of The Book Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-04-22 Cain and Abel Chuck Madsen Play
2017-04-15 When Others Let You Down Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-04-08 The Holy Spirit Outpouring Jay Abell Play
2017-04-01 Communion Remarks Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-03-25 Partakers In Christ Chuck Madsen Play
2017-03-18 Learning to Abide With Jesus Bob Stephan Play
2017-03-11 Seek and You'll Find Brett Allen Play
2017-03-04 Holy Spirit Stream Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-02-25 Connecting With Christ Chuck Madsen Play
2017-02-18 The Stream of Holiness Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-02-11 The Way Of Godliness Spiritual Gifts David Wienecke Play
2017-02-04 Streams Part 2 Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-01-28 Jesus At The Feast Chuck Madsen Play
2017-01-21 Streams of LIfe Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2017-01-14 Jesus Loves Me Brett Allen Play
2017-01-07 Challenges In The New Year Bob Stephan Play
2016-12-31 Fruit of the Spirit David Wienecke Play
2016-12-24 1st to 2nd Advent Chuck Madsen Play
2016-12-10 Seeking The Savior Jay Abell Play
2016-12-03 An Unimaginable World Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-11-19 God's Whoever Policy Bob Stephan Play
2016-11-12 Prayer Seminar Part IV Pastor Kevin Wilfley Play
2016-11-12 Prayer Seminar Part III Pastor Kevin Wilfley Play
2016-11-12 Prayer Seminar Part II Pastor Kevin Wilfley Play
2016-11-11 Prayer Seminar Part I Pastor Kevin Wilfley Play
2016-11-05 God Of The Flour Jar Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-23 Prophecy Seminar Revelation 14 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-21 Prophecy Seminar Revelation 12 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-16 Prophecy Seminar Revelation 4, 5, 6, & 7 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-15 Prophecy Seminar Revelation 2 & 3 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-15 Sabbath School October 15 Brenda Smith Play
2016-10-14 Prophecy Seminar Revelation 1 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-09 Prophecy Seminar Daniel 9 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-08 Prophecy Seminar Daniel 8 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-08 The Way of Godliness David Wienecke Play
2016-10-08 Sabbath School October 8 Play
2016-10-07 Prophecy Seminar Daniel 7 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-02 Prophecy Seminar Daniel 5 & 6 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-01 Prophecy Seminar Daniel 3 & 4 Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-01 Communion Bob Stephan Play
2016-10-01 Sabbath School Lesson 1 David Wienecke Play
2016-09-30 Prophecy Seminar Daniel 1&2 Bob Stephan Play
2016-09-24 The River From The Temple Chuck Madsen Play
2016-09-17 The Main Thing Is Simple Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-09-10 Keeping Your House Clean David Wienecke Play
2016-09-10 If You're Really Serious... Jordan Stephan Play
2016-08-27 Be of Good Cheer (Why Worry?) Brett Allen Play
2016-07-30 Lifeboats Jay Abell Play
2016-07-23 Not My Will But Yours Be Done Brett Allen Play
2016-07-16 How To Develop Discipline Bob Stephan Play
2016-07-09 Confidence in the Second Coming Pastor Kevin Wilfley Play
2016-07-02 How To Take Initiative Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-06-11 Scripture as a Safeguard Chuck Madsen Play
2016-06-04 How to Pursue Wisdom Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-05-28 Keeping in Touch with God David Wienecke Play
2016-05-14 Searching For Life's Meaning Brett Allen Play
2016-05-07 A Strategy for Reducing Stress Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-04-30 Jesus Second Coming Pastor Janos Feher Play
2016-03-22 Safeguards For Keeping Your Joy Bob Stephan Play
2016-03-12 The Shadow of Things to Come Chuck Madsen Play
2016-03-05 God's Values for Men Bob Stephan Play
2016-02-27 The Main Event Brett Allen Play
2016-02-20 God's Part & My Part in Changing Me Bob Stephan Play
2016-02-13 The Two Shall Become One Chuck Madsen Play
2016-02-06 The Essentials For Joyful Living Bob Stephan Play
2016-01-23 The One Thing You Can Take With You Jay Abell Play
2016-01-16 How to Enjoy the People in Your Life Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2016-01-09 Religion of The Heart David Wienecke Play
2016-01-02 Communion Bob Stephan Play
2015-12-26 Sermon December 26, 2015 Chuck Madsen Play
2015-12-19 God With Us Bob Stephan Play
2015-12-12 How Spiritual Are The Jews Chuck Madsen Play
2015-12-06 God's Antidote to Fearing the Future Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2015-12-05 Season of Faith Brad Brown Play
2015-12-05 God's Antidote to Your Heart Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2015-10-31 Shield Of Faith Brett Allen Play
2015-10-24 Are We There Yet Jay Abell Play
2015-08-07 Old vs. New Testament Chuck Madsen Play
2015-06-26 The Ethics Of A Dangerous Faith Bob Stephan Play
2015-08-14 How Much Faith Does It Take Bob Stephan Play
2015-07-10 The Great Rescue Chuck Madsen Play
2015-05-22 Living in the Time of Judgement Chuck Madsen Play
2015-05-08 Showing God's Love David Wienecke Play
2015-04-10 Remember Jay Abell Play
2015-03-27 The Time of Jacob's Trouble Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2015-03-20 Jesus Speaking About Prayer Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2015-03-13 Sylvan Sylvan Play
2015-02-20 Beyond Anger Management Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2015-02-27 What Jesus Did For Us Brett Allen Play
2015-01-30 A Super Fantastic Day Jay Abell Play
2015-01-16 Sermon On The Mountain 1 Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2015-01-09 Weasels and Terminal Sins Elder Brett Allen Play
2015-01-02 Communion Service Part I Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2015-01-02 Communion Service Part II Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-12-19 Christmas Program 2014 Play
2014-11-21 Heart Surgery Elder Bret Allen Play
2014-09-26 What Mankind Wants Bret Allen Play
2014-09-19 How To Connect With People Play
2014-09-05 Why Get Spiritually Connected Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-08-05 Living By Grace Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-08-08 Is The Second Advent On Hold Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2014-07-11 Are You Ready For The Coming Crisis Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2014-07-04 Total Freedom Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-06-13 Honor Your Father Play
2014-06-06 Finishing Well Play
2014-05-25 Memorial Day Play
2014-05-09 Sabbath Message Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2014-05-02 Would You Like Another Family Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-04-18 He Is Risen Indeed Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-04-04 01_Communion_Inspiration.mp3 Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-03-28 01_Faith_To_Accept_No.mp3 Elder Dave Chen Play
2014-03-14 01_The_Holy_Spirit___Laodicea.mp3 Play
2014-02-28 Who Is The Greatest.mp3 Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-03-21 It_s_Not_About_Your_Brother.mp3 Josh Fulton Play
2014-03-07 Not_Guilty.mp3 Pastor Tom James Play
2014-02-14 01_How_Many_Times.mp3 Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2014-03-26 01_The_Wonders_of_Luke_7.mp3 Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2014-01-24 A Group Effort Craig Mattson Play
2013-08-02 Hope for the Hopeless Play
2013-07-19 God of the 2nd Chance Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-07-12 Big Lesson From a Small Man Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2013-06-07 Fear Not Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2013-05-31 The Genesis Project Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-05-17 The Sin Beneath The Sin Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-05-10 What About Bread? Elder Brett Allen Play
2013-05-03 The Gap Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-04-19 How To Change Your Mind Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-04-05 The Pursuit of Transformation Play
2013-03-29 Communion Sabbath - Inspirational Remarks Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-03-22 That I May Know Him Elder Floyd Marshall Play
2013-03-15 Offering Grace Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-03-08 His Best Friends Were Sinners Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2013-03-01 Growing In Grace Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-02-22 Revive Us Again Elder Charles Oliver Play
2013-02-15 Liberating Grace Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-02-08 Lay Down Your Life Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2013-02-01 Saving Grace Play
2013-01-25 Where Compassion and Action Meet Elder Brett Allen Play
2013-01-18 Another Kind of Love Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2013-01-11 Peter's Failure Wasn't Fatal Elder John Freedman Play
2013-01-04 The Offer That Changes Everything Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-12-28 Communion Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2012-12-14 The Jesus Way of Life Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-12-07 Lighting The Future Principal Craig Mattson Play
2012-11-30 Who Matters To Jesus? Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-11-23 Holidays For God Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2012-11-16 The Dust of the Rabbi Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-11-09 Secrets ... What Secrets? Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-11-02 A Roadmap for Change Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-10-26 Three Levels of Giving Elder Ron Oliver Play
2012-10-19 When The Odds Are Against You Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-10-12 Living in an Evil World Elder David Tejel Play
2012-10-05 How To Live a Joy-Filled Life Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-09-28 Having Been ... We Shall Be Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-09-21 Moses & Aaron, Part III ... Be Careful What You Wish For Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-09-14 Where To Get The Power You Need Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-09-07 New Beginnings Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2012-08-31 How To Find The Hope You Need Pastor Bob Stephan Play
2012-08-24 7 Ways of Looking Elder David Tejel Play
2012-08-10 Moses and Aaron, Part II Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-08-03 I Am Elder Charles Oliver Play
2012-07-28 The Unsinkable Boat Elder David Tejel Play
2012-07-20 Preserving Relationships Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2012-07-14 Moses and Aaron, Part I ... Stepping Out Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-07-06 The Joy of Being Found Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-06-29 Keeping It In Perspective Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2012-06-08 What The Heavens Say Pastor Mike Demma Play
2012-06-01 A Fire Burning in My Bones Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-05-25 The Measure of Forgiveness Elder John Freedman Play
2012-05-18 Sitting By The Well Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-05-11 Amber Alert Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-05-04 Sleeping Amidst The Storm Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-04-27 Relationships Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-04-20 The Best Witness We've Got Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-03-30 Faith and Your Personal Finances Dennis Carlson Play
2012-03-23 To Know Jesus Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-03-16 Faith in Action Marcela Figueroa Play
2012-03-02 Through God's Eyes Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-02-24 Life at 10,000 RPM David Candler Play
2012-02-17 All To Jesus I Surrender Pastor Greg Howell Play
2012-02-10 Love Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-02-03 Valentine Melanie Bockmann Play
2012-01-27 The Unadulterated Gospel Elliot Fletcher - AAA Class of 2013 Play
2012-01-13 Born Again? Elder Brett Allen Play
2012-01-06 Why do we get bored? Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-12-30 What is your business? Elder Robert Paulsen Play
2011-12-23 Fear Elder Bob Heath Play
2011-12-22 Christmas Program 2011 The Graham Congregation Play
2011-12-09 Who Am I? Chaplain Raul Maria Play
2011-12-02 They Weren't Ready Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-11-25 Rejoice, Ye Pure In Heart Doug Bing Play
2011-11-12 The One Thing We Can Not Forget Melissa Howell Play
2011-11-04 God Makes Everything New Nessy Pittau Play
2011-10-28 Man of God Elder David Tejel Play
2011-10-21 So what should we do while we wait? Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-10-14 Letting our little light shine in the darkness Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-10-07 End-time Children's Stories Pastor Mike Demma Play
2011-09-30 Nothing But The Scraps From The Table Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-09-23 Facing Life's Record Elder David Chen Play
2011-09-16 Daddy's Little Princess.mp3 Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-09-09 Do you know how to boil a frog? Elder Brett Allen Play
2011-09-02 To Know Is To Trust Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-08-26 Cast Your Bread Upon The Waters Elder David Tejel Play
2011-08-12 Why be a Seventh Day Adventist Elder Dave Chen Play
2011-08-12 Trapped Between Love and Law Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-08-05 The Weaknesses of a Strong Man Elder David Tejel Play
2011-07-22 To Have The Mind of Christ Elder Bud Bockmann Play
2011-07-15 Gehazi Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-07-08 Not An Option Samir Berbawy Play
2011-07-01 Things are not always as they seem Elder Ron Ballard Play
2011-06-10 Do You Love Me Elder David Tejel Play
2011-06-03 Here I Raise My Ebenezer Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-05-27 Tell me the story of Jesus Alvin McDowell Play
2011-05-20 Sin Makes Us Stupid Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-05-13 Is It Time To Get Out - Part II Elder Dave Chen Play
2011-05-06 Mint & Cumin Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-04-22 Is It Time To Get Out? Elder Dave Chen Play
2011-04-15 In Search of Mars Hill Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-04-08 Do You Love Me Elder Brett Allen Play
2011-04-01 So Who Is My Neighbor Anyway? Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-03-25 Whom Shall Thou Worship? Elder Dave Chen Play
2011-03-18 How to Study the Bible - Part 3 Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-03-18 How to Study the Bible - Part 2 Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-03-18 How to Study the Bible - Part 1 Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-03-11 All You Need is Love Elder David Tejel Play
2011-03-04 Are you supposed to respond to an RSVP Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-02-25 Almighty God How Great Thou Art Elder Bud Bockman Play
2011-02-18 Heaven in His eyes Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-02-11 Temptations Elder Brett Allen Play
2011-02-04 Tales from the Obscure Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-01-28 Every time we go somewhere I get hurt Pastor Greg Howell Play
2011-01-21 The Light of God's Love Elder Bob Heath Play
2011-01-14 Armor of God Jay Abell Play
2011-01-07 Lesson of the Vine Elder William McClendon Play
2010-12-31 What is in your junk drawer? Elder Dave Chen Play
2010-12-24 The High Cost of a Free Gift Elder Dave Chen Play
2010-12-10 10th Commandment - Thou Shalt Not Covet Elder Brett Allen Play
2010-12-03 9th Commandment Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-11-28 Remembering Jesus Christ.mp3 Elder David Tejel Play
2010-11-19 8th Commandment - How Have We Robbed You? Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-11-12 Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery Elder Bob Heath Play
2010-11-05 Thou Shall Not Kill Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-10-29 Honor thy Father and thy Mother Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-10-22 Remember The Sabbath Day Elder Dave Chen Play
2010-10-15 What's In A Name Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-10-01 1st Commandment Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-09-24 James and grace? Elder Bob Heath Play
2010-09-17 Does It Make You A Better Lover? Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-09-10 Freedom Under Attack Elder David Tejel Play
2010-09-05 A True Sabbath Rest Glenn Gately Play
2010-08-27 Would You Give Up Your Life Preserver Elder David Chen Play
2010-08-27 Can You Hear Me Now Elder Brett Allen Play
2010-08-06 Tomorrow will bring worries of its own Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-07-30 Flickering Lights Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-07-23 Have You Had A True Conversion Elder Bob Heath Play
2010-07-09 Connectivity Elder Brett Allen Play
2010-07-02 The Absurdity of Freedom Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-06-25 Temptations from God the Seed of Submission Elder Dave Chen Play
2010-05-14 A Military Coup on the Plain of Dura Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-06-04 In The Den Of Prayer Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-05-29 The Tale of Two Kings Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-05-21 Instant Wealth?... Have I Got A Deal For You Elder Dave Chen Play
2010-05-07 Your Grace Still Amazes Me Elder Bob Heath Play
2010-04-30 Miracles from the Bones of a Prophet Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-04-23 Mission Impossible Part 1 Elder David Tejel Play
2010-04-19 Fear God Elder Brett Allen Play
2010-04-10 Double Your Money Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2010-04-02 Sensitivity Lost and Found Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-04-01 Do You Love Your Job Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2010-03-20 You Think You Know A Guy Pastor Greg Howell Play
2010-03-13 The Emphasis in Having IT All Elder David Chen Play
2010-03-06 The Miracle of Bethesda Elder David Tejel Play
2010-03-04 Family Month Elder Brett Allen Play
2010-02-13 Why Do They Walk Away Elder David Chen Play
2010-02-12 The Puzzle Elder David Tejel Play
2010-01-30 Bring Them Back Alive Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2010-01-27 Did You Feel That Elder Brett Allen Play
2010-01-23 Jesus Wept Elder David Tejel Play
2010-01-15 How Small is God Elder David Tejel Play
2010-01-09 HeSaid -- She_Said Bernard Spencer Play
2009-12-05 Are You Behaving Elder Brett Allen Play
2009-12-03 The Danger of Intoxicated Christian Elder David Chen Play
2009-11-21 Psalms 23 Elder David Tejel Play
2009-11-20 The Wisdom of Solomon Elder Brett Allen Play
2009-11-13 So You Think You Had A Bad Week Elder Brett Allen Play
2009-11-06 God and You Elder Bob Heath Play
2009-11-06 The Debt You Owe Elder David Chen Play
2009-10-16 01_Bretts_Testimony.mp3 Play
2009-10-12 Tell me a story Pastor Bernard Spencer Play
2009-10-03 The invitation in the Upper Room Elder David Chen Play
2009-10-03 Brett's Testimony Elder Brett Allen Play
2009-10-03 My Testimony Elder David Tejel Play
2009-09-12 Earth Final Judgment Who's in Control Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-09-05 The Judgment of God Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2009-08-29 A Million Dollar Dilemma Elder David Chen Play
2009-08-14 How Did I Get Here Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2009-08-13 The Lion Tamer Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-08-01 The Perspective of Faith Like Potatoes Elder David Chen Play
2009-07-31 Got Oil Elder Brett Allen Play
2009-07-23 Escape from Sorcery and the fall of Babylon Elder David Chen Play
2009-07-14 The Moving Van is Here Pastor Bernard Spencer Play
2009-07-05 The Irony of the Decleration: Independence through Dependence Elder David Chen Play
2009-06-15 Faith, Hope & Love Willie Matute Jr. & Jonathan Tejel Play
2009-06-06 How Big Is Your God Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-06-02 He Wants You, Are Your Prepared Willie Matute Play
2009-05-16 Come...Walk On Water Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-05-15 The Best Mother in the World Elder David Chen Play
2009-05-08 An Invitation To Joy David Yeagley Play
2009-04-21 The Ultimate Sacrifice Elder David Tejel Play
2009-05-16 Let Us Go To Jerusalem Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-04-15 Am I My Brother's Keeper Accountability Elder David Chen Play
2009-03-30 What God Has Joined Together, Men Tear Apart Elder Chuck Madsen Play
2009-03-30 Created To Love Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-03-30 It's All About You Elder Brett Allen Play
2009-03-30 Our Family In Today's Society Elder David Tejel Play
2009-03-29 The Aroma Of Your Heart Attitude Elder David Chen Play
2009-03-29 The Miracle Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-03-29 The Language Everyone Speaks Attire Elder David Chen Play
2009-03-29 The Muddled Mess Of Modernism Activities Elder David Chen Play
2009-01-12 The Power of the Towel Pastor Jerry Jones Play
2009-01-12 A Different New Years Resolution: Advertise More Elder David Chen Play
2009-01-12 How Big Is Our God Elder David Tejel Play
2009-01-12 Not The Cracker Jack Prize Elder David Chen Play
2009-01-12 I Want To Be A Prisoner Pastor Brad Brown Play
2009-01-12 Give Thanks Pastor Brad Brown Play
2009-01-12 Things May Be Closer Than They Appear Pastor Brad Brown Play
2009-01-12 Defying Evolution Elder David Tejel Play
2009-01-12 Conscientious Objector? Pastor Brad Brown Play
2009-01-12 A Future And A Hope Elder Bruce Koch Play
2009-01-12 Employee Benefits Pastor Brad Brown Play
2009-01-12 Lost & Found A Tale Of Two Sons Pastor David Yeagley Play
2009-01-12 How To Have A Good Marriage Pastor Tom Sandford Play
2009-01-12 Rebuilding The Walls Elder David Tejel Play
2009-01-12 Who Made The Pew? Pastor Brad Brown Play
2009-01-12 What God Is Like? Pastor Bernard Spencer Play
2009-01-12 Don't Forget the Prodigals Elder John Sylvestry Play
2009-01-12 Will You Drink Now, or Prime the Pump? Elder David Chen Play
2009-01-12 What is Your Spiritual Weight? Elder David Tejel Play
2009-01-12 You Did It Again; You Are Guilty Sometimes! Bernard Spencer Play
2009-01-12 Disabled by Confidence Elder David Chen Play
2009-01-12 Walking with Jesus Pastor Brad Brown Play